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Here you will find a brief description of what the photograph represents for Léo Farias, as well as part of his portfolio, produced during his travels in about 20 countries, image gallery, news and contact information.


In 2013, Léo Farias became Contributor Photographer of the most renowned image bank in the world, Getty Images.


Here you will find the main photographic records of Léo Farias on sports, MMA, passing by the Rio Olympics, among others.


For Léo Farias, photography goes hand in hand with his travels, which is why most of his records are made around the world!


Get to know some publications that used photos by Léo Farias.

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“Photography uses two sides of the brain - the left, logical, and the right, intuitive. The logical side helps to operate the camera mechanism, and the intuitive side to direct the content, composition and emotional intent of the photo. We must become familiar with the machine before it can help us create images that will be memories and
art objects.”

N A T I O N A L  G E O G R A P H I C

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Wizard Laranjeiras

Partnership Leo Farias Photos & Wizard Laranjeiras

Wizard by Pearson, Wizard Idiomas or simply Wizard, is a multinational Brazilian education company, the largest network of language schools in the world and a leader in language teaching in Brazil.

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After a year, Brazilian Léo Santos returns to the UFC octagon in July

Champion of the second season of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil, Leonardo Santos from Rio de Janeiro returns to the UFC octagon next month after more than a year without a fight. He is confirmed at UFC 251, in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), on the 12th of July. His opponent will be Russian debutant Roman Bogatov, 29, who is undefeated in his MMA career. The fight is valid for the lightweight category (up to 70 kg)

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A little about the history of photography | Part 1

Can you imagine a world without inseparable smartphones and Instagram? A world in which photography is a slow process that is impossible to master without years of […]

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